The Yophi Doll Show...

Organizers have a beautiful motto that truly captures their dedication to their craft, their desire for growth, and their commitment to creating a supportive community of reborn doll enthusiasts. Their passion for creating reborn dolls is evident in the quality of dolls showcased at the event. But they don't just stop at creating art - they are also committed to growing and improving their skills. This dedication to growth is admirable and is a testament to their passion for the craft. Moreover, the organizers recognize the importance of creating a supportive community in the reborn doll world. By bringing together reborn doll enthusiasts in a space where they can share their passion, the organizers are fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie that is truly special. Overall, the motto of the reborn doll show organizers perfectly captures their passion for the craft, their dedication to growth, and their commitment to creating a welcoming and supportive community.

Lorraine Yophi and Enrroke Yophi are two incredibly talented artists who have been working together for over 18 years. Lorraine is a studio fashion designer and marketing expert who also has a passion for collecting reborn babies. Her fascination with art and her desire to innovate have led her to specialize in the creation of hyper-realistic babies. She is a perfectionist who takes great care in her work.

Enrroke, on the other hand, studied plastic arts in Holland and has created hyper-realistic museums all over the world. He is a versatile artist who works with different materials including marble, bronze, resin, stainless steel, oil paint, and acrylic. He is currently working on his next project, a hyper-realistic museum.

Together, Lorraine and Enrroke have participated in various Doll Shows in the United States, Germnay and Australia. They have won numerous awards for Best Silicone and are members of different art associations. Their dedication to their craft is evident in the quality of their work, and they continue to inspire other artists around the world with their talent.

Our Yophi Doll Show History..

The Yophi Doll Show has an exciting history that spans over four years. The organizers have put their hearts and souls into every detail of the show, working tirelessly to make it a success. The show features talented artists who have come from far and wide to share their knowledge and years of hard work with attendees.

The pandemic put the project on hold, but the organizers adapted and reinvented themselves by hosting two successful Yophi Doll Shows online. After three long years of searching for the ideal location, the Yophi Doll Show 2023 was held in Orlando, and it was a huge success.

Now, the organizers are excited for the second in-person Yophi Doll Show 2024, which will be held in a luxurious 5-star hotel just 14 minutes from the airport. They have been promoting the event since last year, and their team is working hard to make it known to people in the environment and physically in Orlando.

If you're interested in attending, make sure to check out the frequently asked questions on their website, and don't hesitate to reach out to if you have any further questions. The Yophi Doll Show is a must-see event for anyone interested in dolls and the artistry behind them.