Fantasy Sculpting

with Laurie Sullivan Roy of L.R. Design Studios and The DollMakers Cottage from USA
with Laurie Sullivan Roy of L.R. Design Studios and The DollMakers Cottage

Fantasy Sculpting Seminar

Hello ! I am Laurie and I am so pleased to have been invited to teach this fantasy sculpting class. This is my 20th year sculpting and selling my work in the doll community. While I often sculpt and produce babies in silicone, my heart is always most happy when I am creating fantasy creatures in clay. This is where I got my start. I hope that learning with me will help you love sculpting your own creations as much as I love sculpting mine. This will be a 4-day workshop where you will bring your very own fantasy creature to life in polymer clay. We will start with loosely creating a mental image of who our characters will be. Everyone will be creating their own character from their own imagination, that fits into the humanoid design of the armature. I am thinking an Elf/ troll / Imp or fairy type creature - we will try to not be limiting. I want everyone to feel they had a big part in dreaming up their own character. We will then create our armatures, making sure they are strong and shaped appropriately for our characters. Once the armatures are completed we will begin sculpting on the same sculpting stands that I use in my very own studio (these stands will be available for purchase after the class if anyone wishes to keep theirs). We will learn about series baking and how to use a roasting pan to bake our polymer clay instead of our home ovens. By the end of our 3rd day, we should be mostly finished with our entire sculpture as long as we can keep the class moving. By day 4 we will refine and do our last bakes. All clay Sculpting tools (stands not included) Oils And armature material is included in the class price. To keep the cost of the class down and for those flying who cannot bring a large stand home with them, the sculpting stands are provided on loan unless you choose to purchase them (we can arrange shipping of the stands if someone wishes to purchase their stand but is flying).

The cost of this 4 day seminar is $800 And is open to 15 students. 1/2 down is required for sign up and is non-refundable.

The balance must be paid 1 month prior to the class time and is also non-refundable. Although the class is non-refundable, I am open to you transferring your seat to someone else if you are unable to attend. You can contact me on Facebook messenger to sign up and I will send you a PayPal invoice if you wish to join our class.

I am really looking forward to this opportunity to share with you the thing that I love the most …. Sculpting Fantasy Creatures