Master Classes

You can learn and increase your knowledge with artists from all over the world, 2 or 4 intensive days of classes, especially for dolls artists.

Sculpting Master Class

With Alejandra de Zuñiga


with Paqui Galan

Reborn Paint with BC- heat set paints

with Beatriz Clemente

Ethnic Toddler

with Sueli G Cottone


With Jodie Lombardo

A curved facade covered in white latticework
A curved facade covered in white latticework
Painting Hair

We work collaboratively with our clients throughout the design process to ensure their vision is realized in the final product.

Silicone Painting Master Class

with Enrroke & Lorraine Yophi

Fantasy Silicone Class

with Laurie Duncan

Little Mermaid

with Enrroke & Lorraine Yophi


with Alex Berg

Felted Animals

With Yulia Derevschikova

Fantasy Sculpting

With Laurie Sullivan